All prospective members must show a willingness to war and an enthusiasm for becoming better at the game. Submitting an application is required to join North Watchers.

All players, regardless of their rank, are expected to know and adhere to the rules outlined below.

  1. Be respectful.
  2. Decisions by leadership are final and are to be respected.
  3. This is an English speaking clan. Communication using any other languages is forbidden.
  4. Joining our Discord server is required in order to facilitate more effective communication and planning with clanmates.
  5. We war fairly and we respect our opponents. Use of 3rd party programs to aid war attacks is strictly forbidden.
  6. The use of WarMatch is required to call attack targets and input results.
  7. Discussion of war base layouts and attack strategies is highly recommended through in-game chat, Discord, or by notes on WarMatch.
  8. Members are required to use the opt-out feature in game to notify leadership when they should and should not be included in wars. Acceptable reasons to opt out include:
    1. Critical upgrades such as heroes or spell factories
    2. Inability to make attacks due to real-life commitments


WarMatch is used in all wars as an organization tool for attacks. It is used for reserving attack targets, updating attacks, and keeping track of player performance.

As a new member, once you are included in your first war with North Watchers, you will need to log in to WarMatch and request to join North Watchers (#2YV0VJ0L). A password is required to join the clan, which you can get from your recruiter. This only needs to be done once.

You must reserve a base prior to attacking, and you must log the attack results in a timely fashion. You can either use the WarMatch website or use the #nw-warmatch channel in Discord to reserve and log attacks.

You must only reserve one base at a time, and must do so only if you can plan and attack within the 3 hour time limit. Once your call expires, it is open to be reserved by another clanmate.

Additional information about WarMatch can be found on their About us page.